We are committed to making our website inclusive and accessible to all visitors, including those with sensory/visual impairments.

This website has been designed and implemented with accessibility in mind, whilst at the same time considering the size and composition of the potential audience.

The following factors and considerations have been implemented:

  • The format of all web pages is consistent across the website, in order to simplify the format for users with visual impairments;
  • The content of the website has been written in plain English, with the objective of making the site easy to understand;
  • The website uses a high-contrast colour scheme (comparing foreground to background colours), in a way that meets and exceeds the contrast requirements of Level AA of the W3C Accessibility guidelines;
  • The website avoids the use of small or elaborate fonts in textual content. It also allows users to increase the size of the textual content using standard web browser functions ;
  • The website employs ‘skip links’ that allow users with assistive technologies to ‘skip’ to the main page content or site navigation areas easily;
  • All web pages may be navigated using a computer keyboard alone, as opposed to the use of a mouse, to assist users with physical impairments. When ‘tabbing’ between fields and sections on webpages, the ‘focus’ area is highlighted with a dotted border;
  • Where images are used on the website, they are accompanied by ‘alternative text’ descriptions (where appropriate) to assist users with visual impairments or those who have chosen not to display images;
  • The website is designed to be clear and understandable in the event that a user chooses to view the page without its intended styling (disabling Stylesheets).
  • The website includes a Sitemap in addition to the standard navigation to allow users to view the overall site structure easily.

We are also committed to continuous improvement in the accessibility of our website, so if you have any accessibility concerns or comments, please contact the webmaster.