Cookies can be used for a variety of purposes – a good summary can be found on the Wikipedia cookies page.

The Little Dunham Parish Council website uses cookies for three main purposes:

  • For tracking visitor behaviour (such as number of visits, time spent browsing the site etc) as part of the Google Analytics program;
  • For remembering whether the user has acknowledged/minimised the Cookies information bar that sits at the bottom of the website pages;
  • To facilitate the process of logging into the site for members and administrative users of site and those visitors who submit comments on the website content, such as in the News & Events section.

Important points to note:

  • None of these cookies stores any personal information about the visitor.
  • Cookies are not capable of carrying viruses or installing any malicious programs on visitors’ computers

Details of the specific cookies employed by this site can be found below.

Admin UserPersistent12 monthsAny users that log into the site for administrative purposes (usually Little Dunham Parish Council members, or employees of their website design partner) will have a small number of cookies created for the purpose of facilitating the login process. The cookies are:
    • wordpress_[hash], to stored authentication details
    • wordpress_logged_in_[hash], to store who you are and when you are logged in.
Used together, the cookies are used to by-pass the authentication process under certain circumstances. The [hash] in the cookie name refers to an encypted reference to the user's authentication details which cannot readily be 'un-hashed'. These cookies are not set for users who browse the website, but do not log in.
EU ePrivacy DirectivePersistent12 monthsIn order to conform with EU privacy regulations, we use functionality on the site to inform visitors about what cookies are set by the website. Visitors are able to acknowledge our message about cookie use, which minimises the cookie notification bar on the site. The viewed_cookie_policy cookie is used to allow the site to remember that the notification bar has been hidden.
Google Analytics _utmaPersistent24 monthsThe _utma cookie is set by Google Analytics and is used to track the number of visits that you make to our website. It tracks things like time/date of first visit, last visit etc.
Google Analytics _utmb & _utmcSessionEnd of SessionThe _utmb and _utmc cookies are set by Google Analytics and work together as a pair to to track the time of entry and exit from the website - they can be used to calculate browsing duration on the site. These are session cookies, which expire when the system detects the end of the session.
Google Analytics _utmzPersistent6 monthsThe _utmz cookie is set by Google Analytics and is used to track where the visitor has come to the website from - e.g. whether the visitor arrived via a search engine (and if so, which), or a link or bookmark. We use the information to track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and our Search Engine Optimisation activities.